I need to create a landing page collect prospect data. In the page I have to create to drop down menus (HTML: Select). The first one is to select car brand and the second one to select the model of the brand.

I have a data extension with all brands and models, the data extension is monthly updated. The challenge I have is that I do not know how to make that the second drop down only displays the models of the brand selected in the first select component.

I think that I cannot use AMPscript, How could I do that? I am not sure if I could access the data extension using JavaScript.

Thanks for any help.

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You can either load the page up with all possible values in the select and then use client-side JS to filter them down or you can do an AJAX call to another page that serves up only those options for your drop-down.

I'd recommend using SSJS instead of AMPScript, but you'd still need to use client-side JS to control the behavior after page-load.


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