I have two text field:

One normal text field that accepts numbers.

<apex:inputField value="{!FinancialAssCont.Down_Payment__c}" styleClass="form-control downpaymentAmount" onblur="checkValidQuantity(event);" />

Another field is a date Type field and on focus it opens datePicker control :

<apex:inputField value="{!FinancialAssCont.Initial_Date__c}" styleClass="form-control calendar_icon inital-date cal-text" onblur="copyInitialDate(this);" />

This is the algo of onblur event:

function checkValidQuantity(evt){


Issue on IE11: When I enter the Invalid Quantity, I get a jquery popup. But the datefield also receives the focus which opens the datePicker. So i have at a time popup as well as datPicker open. I want to hide the datePicker when popup is open.


This seems like common problem :

Can you try below :

Include the Javascript snippet mentioned below after the page tag.

<script>function setFocusOnLoad() {}</script>
<!-- further content -->
  • This is not working. – Yameen Mar 2 '15 at 11:59

I have an update on this issue:

I fixed it by doing a funny trick.

Scenario: Enter wrong value in number field textbox - which is field1. Check validation on blur event .Error Message popup ones. But datePicker also shows up.

My Fix: I added onfoucs event to numeric field and called a function hideCalander.

<apex:inputField value="{!FinancialAssCont.Down_Payment__c}" styleClass="form-control downpaymentAmount" onblur="checkValidQuantity(event);" onfocus="hideCalander();" />

function hideCalander(){

Now I modified checkValidQuantity function:

function checkValidQuantity(evt){

       //Set focus to numeric text field
       jQuery('.downpaymentAmount').focus(); // This will hide the calander

      //Set the focus back to popup button



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