Please show me example how work with CRUD in Lightning Component: I want to create order system for restaurant. User is waiter. He make all CRUD operation with orders. There are "close" and "open" orders. All orders link to table number. System must to give order cost. I have 2 problems: 1 - I can't retrieve id and name of my dishes. 2 - my page do not refreshView when event.fire()... Please offer me problem solving or another example. (sorry for my english)

Here is part of my code:

Lightning App


Apex Controller


Lightning Component + JS Controller


Another Lightning Component + JS Controller and Helper



There is now a Lightning Security Best Practices Guide that has two CRUD/FLS examples. We can also add more examples if needed.


The Guide is part of our wiki and so a work in progress -- any comments would be appreciated as we want to make it easy to read as well as relatively comprehensive. Please send feedback to securecloud@salesforce.com.

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