I am using Salesforce as both the IdP and the SP. So, to be more secure I would prefer to use the SAML Artifact Resolution Profile instead of the Web Browser SSO Profile. Since I cannot find any documentation that describes how to implement the Artifact Resolution Profile in Salesforce, I am believing that Salesforce does not support it. If you know differently, please post a link to the implementation document.

  • Out of curiosity, what part of the spec makes you think that artifact is more secure? – Andrew K. Feb 27 '15 at 12:02

Salesforce only supports two types of SAML 2.0 Bindings currently:

  • HTTP Redirect (GET) Binding
  • HTTP POST Binding

It is configured within Salesforce under:

Setup > Security Controls > Single Sign-on Settings > Service Provider Initiated Request Binding

enter image description here

Partially related but probably not helpful in this instance, ExactTarget (Salesforce Marketing Cloud) supports Artifact binding for SAML 2.0. Documentation: ExactTarget SSO

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