I have written a following trigger code -

trigger manageEmailCases on Case (before insert)
    for(Case thisCase : trigger.new) 
        if(thisCase.Origin == 'Call-Center')
            // system.debug('Origin is Call Center');
            // Check for invalid email account
                    thisCase.addError('Not saving e2c');
                    // thisCase.Support_Alert__c.addError('Not saving email2case');

I have this following EXISTING testMethod written for some ANOTHER class -

@IsTest(SeeAllData=false) public static void testHandleExistingCase ()
    // Set up the object.
    CallCenterCaseNotification testObj = new CallCenterCaseNotification();
    testObj.populateSreContactInfo(Datetime.valueOf('2013-08-20 16:35:00'));

    String description = 'account_name: testcorp customer_name: sammmmmm ' +
                     'customer_phone: +1 (707) 477-3205 ' +
                     'customer_email: something' +
                     'service_impacted: yes case_id:123 ' +
                     'case_description: testing';
    // Set up parameters for the call to method.
    Case existingCase = new Case();
    existingCase.Origin = 'Call-Center';
    existingCase.Subject = 'Test case';
    existingCase.Status = 'Closed';
    // Select an SRE to use as the OwnerId
    User testOwner = [SELECT Id FROM User WHERE UserRoleId = '00E60000001GX26EAG' LIMIT 1];
    existingCase.OwnerId = testOwner.Id;// testObj.UNASSIGNED_OWNER_ID;
    existingCase.Description = description;
    insert existingCase;  // Need to insert, because methods do a Query for this
                          // case object. So cannot mock out.                   
    String customerInfoForSMS = '\ncustomer_name \n@ account_name \n' +
                                ' 123-234-1234';
    testObj.handleExistingCase(new Case[] {existingCase}, existingCase,
                               'no', 'P3 - Normal', customerInfoForSMS,
                               '[email protected]');

When I test the class which has this testMethod, it gives me following error, which is also not allowing me to deploy -

System.DmlException: Insert failed. First exception on row 0; first error: CANNOT_INSERT_UPDATE_ACTIVATE_ENTITY, manageEmailCases: execution of BeforeInsert caused by: System.NullPointerException: Attempt to de-reference a null object Trigger.manageEmailCases: line 9, column 1: []

Kindly advise what could be wrong with my trigger written above.

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The trouble is in the following line:


In your test you didn't initatlized this field thus this field is null and you tried to call contains() on null.

You have to fill this field in your test:

existingCase.SuppliedEmail= '[email protected]';

But more correct way for fix this trouble is checking that the SuppliedEmail has a value

if(thisCase.SuppliedEmail != null && !thisCase.SuppliedEmail.contains('directlineinc'))

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