If I have a custom setting with some fields and I want to query those fields, in my controller I'm doing the following:

public My_Custom_Setting__c getMyCustomSetting() {
    return = [select URL__c, Title__c from My_Custom_Setting__c];

If these fields are empty, I want to assign default values to them.

Something like the following:

public My_Custom_Setting__c getMyCustomSetting() {
    String title;
    String url;

    My_Custom_Setting__c cs = [select URL__c, Title__c from My_Custom_Setting__c];

    title = cs.Title__C || 'Title default';
    url = cs.URL__c || 'URL default';

    cs.Title__C = title;
    cs.URL__c = url;

    return cs;

I'm getting the following error when attempting to save:

Save error: OR operator can only be applied to Boolean expressions

So I can't use || in this way.

How do I assign my default values to my returned object?

Am I approaching this the right way?


You have 2 ways to do that :

if (!String.isBlank(cs.Title__c)){
    title = cs.Title__c ;
} else {
    title = 'Title default';


title = (!String.isBlank(cs.Title__c)) ? cs.Title__c : 'Title default';

This is one seems silimar to what you tried to do

  • Ah, I didn't know about isBlank. Cheers! – Daft Feb 13 '15 at 15:20

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