How to add hyperlink in apexpage.message() in apex class? I got some solution link but it is displaying the message on the top of the visual force page. I want message in some division/section of page. Does anybody know anything about this. Please point me.

Thanks in advance!


You can achieve it in a very simple way just using an apex:pageMessage tag and place it anywhere on the page:

<apex:pageMessage severity="warning" escape="false" summary="Summary text" strength="2" title="Message title text">
    <a href="#">The link test</a>

The result:

enter image description here

If you have to conditionally render the message on the page you will have to define an apex boolean variable ant put it into the rendered="{!yourVariable}" parameter.


If you can put <apex:pageMessages escape="false"/> in apex pageblock, outputpanel etc. then if will be visible in there as well. You will need to rerender that section e.g. PageBlock.

    <apex:pageBlock title="Attendances" mode="edit" id="rerender_id">
       <apex:pageBlockSection title="Details" columns="2">
                  <apex:pageBlockSectionItem >
                         <apex:pageMessages escape="false"/>

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