My customer usually copy n paste to rich text field from office word document, but the format always lost, is it possible that Office word content convert to Rich Text Field and keep format ?


It should preserve all formatting if you use any browser apart from IE9. See here for more details. This was fixed in Summer 13.

  • I am not sure that it's about brwowser, but I found another way to keep format. – DeepIce Feb 13 '15 at 3:32

I found another to keep date format into rich text from MS word document, if I save as html file type(.htm), reopen this in chrome and copy n paste, it can keep table and indent safe in rich text field, awesome.

1. Original Word document. word 2. copy n paste to rich text field directly. enter image description here 3. Save as Html File Type, reopen via Chrome and copy n paste. enter image description here

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