I have created a custom buttom to send an email from a case. The problem that I've found is that I can get cases sent to 2 different email addresses. So when the button is clicked I want it to populate the from address (p26=) with the To address the email that was received, not just a specific one that is hard coded. Thanks for any help in advance.


I figured this out awhile ago, but just wanted to update this with the solution.

Parameters in the URL:-

p24 - Additional To Address

template_id - Email Template Id, It can have merge fields.

p3_lkid = whatId ( hidden lookup field) it is must if the merge fields are there in template

p3 = Related to name (input text)

p26 - From Email Address

p5 - BCC email address

save = 0, means send the email automatically and return to retURL ,( leave it if you just need to see the screen with populated fields)

I found this information at: Forcetips Url Hacks

Another resource I found was at: Salesforce Ben Email URL Hacks

I hope this helps someone in the future.

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