I use force explorer to query datas, it works well.

My query :

`$query_result = $mySforceConnection->query("SELECT Metier__c, Profil__c, Secteur__c, TypeContrat__c, Id FROM Opportunity");`

echo "<pre>";
echo "</pre>";

My response :


public 'queryLocator' => string '01g2000001Mav0cAAB-2000' (length=23) public 'done' => boolean false public 'records' => array (size=2000) 0 => object(stdClass)[6] public 'Id' => string '0062000000Ye3ZLAAZ' (length=18) 1 => object(stdClass)[7] public 'Id' => string '0062000000Ye3ZMAAZ' (length=18) 2 => object(stdClass)[8] public 'Id' => string '0062000000Ye3ZNAAZ' (length=18) 3 => ... public 'size' => int 17202 public 'pointer' => int 0 private 'sf' => object(SforceEnterpriseClient)[1] protected 'sforce' => object(SoapClient)[2] public 'trace' => int 1 public 'compression' => int 32 public '_encoding' => string 'utf-8' (length=5) public '_features' => int 1 public '_user_agent' => string 'salesforce-toolkit-php/27.0' (length=27) public '_soap_version' => int 1 public 'sdl' => resource(10, Unknown) public '__last_request_headers' => string 'POST /services/Soap/c/27.0/00D20000000CpAr HTTP/1.1

Host: emea.salesforce.com

Connection: Keep-Alive

User-Agent: salesforce-toolkit-php/27.0

Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate

Content-Type: text/xml; charset=utf-8

SOAPAction: ""

Content-Length: 563


' (length=265) public '__last_response_headers' => string 'HTTP/1.1 200 OK

Date: Tue, 10 Feb 2015 09:51:02 GMT

Set-Cookie: BrowserId=Ph7Kgw0mQyCEBBahrCXleQ;Path=/;Domain=.salesforce.com;Expires=Sat, 11-Apr-2015 09:51:02 GMT

Expires: Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT

Content-Type: text/xml;charset=UTF-8

Content-Encoding: gzip

Content-Length: 17897

' (length=293) public '_cookies' => array (size=1) ... public 'location' => string 'https://emea.salesforce.com/services/Soap/c/27.0/00D20000000CpAr' (length=64) public '__default_headers' => array (size=1) ... public '__last_request' => string ' xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxSELECT Metier__c, Profil__c, Secteur__c, TypeContrat__c, Id FROM Opportunity resource(13, stream) public '_use_proxy' => int 0 public 'httpurl' => resource(14, Unknown)


      public '__last_response' => string '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/" xmlns="urn:enterprise.soap.sforce.com" xmlns:sf="urn:sobject.enterprise.soap.sforce.com" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance"><soapenv:Body><queryResponse><result><done>false</done><queryLocator>01g2000001Mav0cAAB-2000</queryLocator><records xsi:type="sf:Opportunity"><sf:Id>0062000000Ye3ZLAAZ</sf:Id><sf:Metier__c>Maintenance Indus / Industrie Production</sf:Metier__c><sf:Profil_'... (length=531749)
  protected 'sessionId' => string '00D20000000CpAr!AQQAQIn39F2oRBB1oQK7.NcjV_K06gsa03Gc8j5Vud5k9XrOk_CJJsSFVaQZ7csDJUVUrQ5qoeepQs6QpCFR5UOGmRJzFsnd' (length=112)

As you see, i got a loong list of object as respnse, inside it i have 2 soap enveloppe.

MY QUESTION : How can i get only the second soap response (inside public '__last_response') so i can parse it after?

Thank for your help

  • Hello, i found it : $last_response = $mySforceConnection->getLastResponse()
    – esydev
    Feb 10, 2015 at 10:28

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Due to some formatting flaws in your question it's very hard to read and I was not able to fix it. If possible try to rework your indentation, so that the markdown here detects your response-dumps as source-code...

This said, generally I don't understand your approach at all. Why do you care about XML parsing at all when you get the response nicely packaged into php objects out of the box?

What I usually do is this:

require_once ('../yourPathTo/soapclient/SforcePartnerClient.php');
define("USERNAME", "you@wherever.com");
define("PASSWORD", "yourPassword");
define("SECURITY_TOKEN", "yourToken");
$GLOBALS[sfBatchSize] = 100;
$GLOBALS[sfConnection] = new SforcePartnerClient();

$query = "SELECT Metier__c, Profil__c, Secteur__c, TypeContrat__c, Id FROM Opportunity ";
$response = $GLOBALS[sfConnection]->query($query);
$records = $response->records;
while(!$response->done) {
    $response = $GLOBALS[sfConnection]->queryMore($response->queryLocator);
    $records = array_merge($records, $response->records);    

Then in $records should be what you need.

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