So I am trying to get the row of a data extension, but I need to be able to search by two columns, in my case language and brand

I have this right now:

%%[SET @test = Lookup("dataext","Name","language ", "EN")]%%

I have tried this:

%%[SET @test = ExecuteFilter("dataext", "Language", "EN", "Brand", "sony")]%%

but this gives me the following error:

ExecuteFilter Function is not valid in content. This function is only allowed in non sendable content.

Is there a way to do a lookup, on a DE filtering by more than one column?

Thanks !

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Lookup is an overloaded method, so you can keep adding "column", "value" as many times as you like at the end, essentially building the WHERE clause. I've done this:

  SET @testVal = LOOKUP("DEForStateVariationsContent","StateCode","StateCode", "StateCode, "AdditionalVal", "Ad")

In your case - you would use-

%%[SET @test = Lookup("dataext","Name","language ", "EN","Brand", "sony")]%%

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