I have a visualforcepage which is included in a layoutpage. Viewlayout of this object has an override with another visual force page.

When I call a pagereference methode from "inline" visualforcepage an try to leave the Iframe and load current objectpage again, salesforce creates a new URL with parameter inline=1. By this parameter, Header and Sidebar is invisible.

Vf page:

<apex:commandLink value="edit" action="{!Edit}" id="cl" target="_blank">

Is there a possibility to avoid getting parameter inline=1?


Just a guess:

If you can override this param by your controller method then it would work:

PageReference ref = MyPage.page
// or try
return ref

If there is standard controller then you can do like this:

<apex:commandLink value="edit" action="{!Edit}" id="cl" target="_blank">
    <apex:param name="inline" value="0"/>
  • Just for a reference this does not work - you get ?inline=0&inline=1 – zokito May 4 '15 at 15:01
  • This solution should be removed since it does not work. – Michael Sobczak Apr 12 '16 at 16:52

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