I have a very simple trigger that for some reason doesn't want to work. Using a before insert trigger, I want to populate a lookup field on a grandchild object with the grandparent objects OwnerId. When I try it, nothing happens. If you know why, can you please tell me how to fix it? Thank you.

trigger someName on grandChild__c (before insert){

for(grandChild__c a: trigger.new)

if(a.Approver__c == null)
    a.Approver__c == a.Parent__r.Grandparent__r.OwnerId;

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You will have to query for the values of a.Parent__r.Grandparent__r.OwnerIdas they are not available in the trigger context.

So something like

Map<ID,parent__c> gcMap = new Map<ID,parent__c>();

for(grandchild__c gc : trigger.new)

gcMap = New Map<ID,Parent__c>([Select Grandparent__r.OwnerId from parent__c where ID IN :gcMap.keySet()]);

for(grandchild__c gc : trigger.new){
   if(gcMap.containsKey(gc.parent__c) && !gcMap.get(gc.parent__c).Grandparent__r.isEmpty())
       a.Approver__c = gcMap.get(gc.parent__c).Grandparent__r.OwnerID;

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