Which components are not available in changeset for Migration?


The components available for a change set vary by edition. Click here!

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See Unsupported Metadata Types:

Unsupported Metadata Types

Some things you can customize in a Salesforce organization aren’t available in Metadata API.

The following components can’t be retrieved or deployed with Metadata API, and changes to them must be made manually in each of your organizations:

  • Account Teams
  • Activity Button Overrides
  • Analytic Settings
  • Automated Case User Settings
  • Auto-number on Customizable Standard Fields
  • Campaign Influences
  • Case Contact Roles
  • Case Feed Layouts
  • Case Team Roles
  • Console Layouts
  • Currency Exchange Rates
  • Data Category Visibility Settings
  • Delegated Administration
  • Divisions
  • Email Services
  • Fiscal Year
  • HTML Document and Attachment Settings
  • Lead Settings
  • Mail Merge Templates
  • Mobile Administration
  • Mobile Users and Devices
  • Multiline layout fields for opportunity teams
  • Offline Briefcase Configurations
  • Opportunity Big Deal Alerts
  • Opportunity Update Reminders
  • Organization Wide Email Addresses
  • Partner Management
  • The following standard picklists: IdeaTheme.Categories, Order.Status, >- Question.Origin. (All other standard picklists are supported.)
  • Predefined Case Teams
  • Product Schedule Setup
  • Public and Resource Calendars
  • Quote Templates
  • Salesforce to Salesforce
  • Standard fields that aren’t customizable, such as autonumber fields or system fields
  • Self-Service Portal Font and Colors
  • Self-Service Portal Settings
  • Self-Service Portal Users
  • Self-Service Public Solutions
  • Self-Service Web-to-Case
  • Site.com
  • Social Account/Contact Settings
  • SoftPhone Layout
  • Solution Categories
  • Solution Settings
  • Tag Settings
  • Territory Assignment Rules
  • User Interface Settings (except calendar features, which are supported in ActivitiesSettings)
  • Web Links on Person Account Page Layouts
  • Web-to-Lead
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