I'm trying to get my app to to redirect to my custom salesforce URL, instead of the default one. I can't seem to find a "login domain" option in the SalesforceSDKManager, like there was for the SFUserAuthenticationManager. So, my question is how the heck to do I do this? This is what my set up looks like so far (written in swift)

SalesforceSDKManager.sharedManager().connectedAppCallbackUri = CALLBACK_URI
SalesforceSDKManager.sharedManager().connectedAppId = CONSUMER_KEY
SalesforceSDKManager.sharedManager().authScopes = ["web", "api"]

Anyone have any thoughts on this (objective-c answers welcome, I'll simply translate them)?


It is handled via the following key-value pair in your <appname>-Info.plist file:


You can find more details about it here

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  • Perfect. I figured out how to do it by manually setting it in the SFUserManager, but this is a way cleaner way to do it. Thanks! – jsookiki Feb 9 '15 at 18:56

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