I guess this is a simple task , but since I haven't worked must on coding would need some help on how to check debug log . Currently my ask is to see if a method is being called and a map is being formed. What kind of syntax should I look in the logs?


You can user the Developer console to debug and log some informations : https://www.salesforce.com/us/developer/docs/apexcode/Content/apex_debugging_system_log_console.htm

You can add somme logs in your code.

-If you want to log in APEX classes, add in your class :

system.debug('what you want to log here');

In the log tab in the Developer console, double click on the line concerned and check the debug checkbox to see your log line.

-If you want to log in Javascript, add in your Javascript file :

console.log('what you want to log here');

You need to use a browser debugger like Firebug for Firefox.


It's a very generic question which has no direct ansnwer. Hope below link help...Let me know if I could help to understand something in below link.


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