How can I query the user id/id's of the Partner User belonging to the Partner Account? Can you provide me with the approach/sample.

I have a below query that fetches the id of the Partner Account from the Opportunity ( There is a lookup relationship added to the opportunity)

    Id, Name, AccountId, Commisioning_Partner_Account__r.Id,
FROM Opportunity

The scenario is : if at all there is any Partner User belonging to the Partner Account, the partner user should have access to that opportunity. In a nutshell, I want to open the access of the opportunity to the Partner User of the Partner Account. Is it possible through Apex Sharing trigger?

  • Not an answer but I recommend changing Commisioning_Partner_Account__r.Id to Commisioning_Partner_Account__c. It may save you some headaches down the road. – Adrian Larson Feb 3 '15 at 16:52

As i understood Commisioning_Partner_Account__r.Name is a contact field and if its contact field then you can query userId of partner account by email address.

[SELECT id, email from USER where email =: "email of contact field" AND profile = "Partner profile name"]

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