Another Conflicting DEV 401 question...

Hiring managers at Universal containers would like a visual mechanism for determining review score outliers. Review scores are captured as a custom field on a custom Review object and can range from 1 to 10. Any review score that is >8 should be highlighted in green. Any review score that is < 4 should be highlighted in red.

  1. Use custom summary formulas
  2. Use matrix reports
  3. Use conditional highlighting
  4. Use charts

I think the correct answer is 3. but some are saying that 1. is the correct answer. Would someone please help clarify? Thanks.


It is 3. From the nature of question it looks more of a reporting.


I'm not sure where the question and/or answer came from but if you are using flashcards or practice tests of some sort you should definitely trust but verify. Information can be out of date or incorrect all together. By googling each answer from the question you can easily determine the correct answer. The first link returned for this search "salesforce custom summary formula" returns a help doc here which explains what a custom summary formula can be used for

A formula is an algorithm that derives its value from other fields, expressions, or values. Custom summary formulas can contain 3900 or fewer characters. Custom summary formulas are available for summary, matrix, and joined reports. They can't be shared across multiple reports.

A search for option 3: "Salesforce conditional formatting" returns this help doc here with the following description:

Conditional Highlighting is an analytic enhancement. This feature allows you to customize your reports by showing visual highlights for analysis.

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