I've created a new sandbox and wanted to know which objects get their records copied over automatically by Salesforce whenever I create a sandbox?


Basically all of the settings and custom settings. So any object which contains records related to settings or custom settings get copied over by default when creating a sandbox.

The only thing I saw that didn't really follow this was the PriceBookEntry, PriceBook2, and Product2 objects which also get their records copied over by default. Here's a list of some of the objects I know for sure which get copied over:

  • ApexClass
  • ApexPage
  • ApexTrigger
  • FieldPermissions
  • Folder
  • Group
  • IDEWorkspace
  • ObjectPermissions
  • OrgWideEmailAddress
  • Organization
  • PermissionSet
  • Pricebook2
  • PricebookEntry
  • Product2
  • Profile
  • RecordType
  • Scontrol
  • StaticResource
  • TraceFlag
  • User
  • UserRole
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