I have an problem with my vf page,whenever I delete the record from my list ,record will deleted but I unable to return my list.

public PageReference deleteRecord()
   ID rid = ApexPages.currentPage().getParameters().get('ruleID');
   PageReference deletepage = new PageReference ('/'+rid+'/e?retURL=/apex/performanceReviewoutput');

   String runQuery='select  Name from Performance_Review_Input__c where id= \''+rid+'\''; 
   List<Performance_Review_Input__c> listdeDatabase.Query(runQuery);

   delete listdel;
   return deletepage;

Why are you trying to return to the edit page of a deleted record? What are you trying to accomplish?

Two things I notice about your code, you are vulnerable to SOQL injection and you don't even need to perform a query.

If you remove your query, you actually remove the injection vulnerability. Before performing the delete, however, I would do a little checking on the Id first.

if (ruleId instanceOf Id && Id.valueOf(ruleId).getSObjectType() == Performance_Review_Input__c.sObjectType)
    Performance_Review_Input__c recordToDelete = new Performance_Review_Input__c(Id=ruleId);
    delete recordToDelete;

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