If this statement has no records will it return 0 or does the "try" feature cause it to fail and fall thru to the "catch" statement after an if/else statement. The "if" statement checks for the counter to be 1 and then an else for any other number. It seems to fail if there are no matches. The "else" statement never executes Why?

try {Integer counter = [ Select count() FROM E_mail__c Where E_mail_Address__c = :email.fromAddress ];

  • Your code doesn't include any if-else statements, so that part of your question is a bit unclear to me. As for your query, you're actually getting the array[0] results of a list<AggregateResults> query which @Mark Pond seems to have covered why there could be a null pointer exception that a try-catch block could contain. .
    – crmprogdev
    Commented Jan 24, 2015 at 0:35

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The counter variable will contain 0 if there are no matches found by the query as you've got it written.

If email is null however email.fromAddress will cause a null pointer exception to be thrown and be handled by the respective catch block.

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