I need to add lightning component to opportunity page layout. Like mobile cards. Is there any way to add lightning component to the page layout?

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    AFAIK feature to add lightening component to page layout was supposed to be released in winter 15. But it's missing there. So answer is - for now, its not possible. Commented Jan 21, 2015 at 11:40

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As of the Spring 15 release while Lightning Components is still in beta, there is no way to surface your lightning component into the standard page layout UI. The only options are:

  • Lightning Components Tab
  • Lightning App Builder Tab (if on the App Builder pilot)

Yes there is an Simple way enter image description here 1) click the setup option(right top) 2) go to Edit Option Page 3) Drag and drop the custom or standard component into the layout 4) Finally save the changesenter image description here

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This can now be done via Visualforce using < apex:includeLightning />

Use Lightning Components in Visualforce Pages

It takes a couple extra steps, but it's not too difficult. I've done it and haven't found too many performance issues.

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