I am using the following code to display formula field:-

<apex:outputField value="object__c.customFormulaField__c" />

Below is the controller code:-

   String queryString = 'Select Id,Customer_Status__c from Messages__c';
   List<Messages__c> listMessage =  new List<Messages__c>();  
   for(Messages__c msg : Database.query(queryString)){

Below is the VF code:-

  <apex:repeat value="{!listMessage}" var="mod">
  <apex:outputField value="mod.Customer_Status__c" />

Below is the formula where Status__c is some other picklist field and Customer_Status__c is the formula field below which is to be displayed in visualforce.

   IF(AND(ISNULL(Opened__c),ISPICKVAL(Status__c,'Sent')) ,'New-Unread', 
   IF(AND(NOT(ISNULL(Opened__c)),ISPICKVAL(Status__c,'Sent'))        ,'Read',TEXT(Status__c)))

But it is not displaying . Can anybody tell me how to display the formula field in a visualforce page ? Thanks in Advance.

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    can you show the formula and the controller? – PepeFloyd Jan 20 '15 at 16:25

I guess you are taking the value of outputfield incorrectly, It should have been value="{!mod.Customer_Status__c}" rather then value="mod.Customer_Status__c".


You should be able to display it just like any other field, just make sure that the user viewing the page has access in their profile to that field.

  • No user has got all the permissions but still the field is not displaying. – user3361920 Jan 20 '15 at 16:20

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