We have been asked to do a BURP Scan of our Salesforce app during security review. Our application is built completely on Force.com platform but we have 1-2 REST webservice calls to external server. Please help on how to use BURP Suite to scan these webservice calls.

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BURP scanning is required for any & all external web components.

To use BURP testing on an API/web service, you want to simulate API calls through BURP using SoapUI, Curl, or a similar tool.

  1. If you don't have it already you should submit a case through you ISV partner account to get a free BURP scanner license, or go here.

  2. Download and Install, then follow this tutorial.

This will require you to intercept and/or simulate calls to the external service via the scanner to look for vulnerabilities.

I usually simulate the calls to the endpoint from a tool such as Runscope.com or hurl.it, and intercept these with Burp scanner. Burp Scanner can the replay then as needed to perform the full scan.

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