I've got a problem for some days and I still cannot solve it. Here is the problem :

We developed an application which allows user to enter data and submit them to Salesforce. Of course, we can log in and log out.

If I connect to the application for the first time, I'll be able to use application without problem, sending as much data as I want to Salesforce. Problem comes when I logout with an user, and login with the same user. Then, as soon as I want to send something to Salesforce,

I have an error like

"IOException : no authentication challenges found" ...

What's really weird is that I can get information from Salesforce, but I can't push data...

From what I read, it happens when servers return an 401 code. But what makes me very confuse is that this error only fires after a logout/login. It seems like logout doesn't work ... (I am using standard SalesforceSDK mobile function -> SalesforceSDKManager.getInstance().logout(this)).

I tried doing a fresh install with all latest releases (only tablet is still using 4.1.2, I can't update it), but problem is still occurring ...

I really don't know where to look for. Does someone have ideas ?

Thanks !

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This issue has been discussed here on the Mobile SDK Google+ community as well.

Try updating the SDK package from npm (latest 3.0.1) and create a brand new project to test. Here's the fix:



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