I could only find this

Can anyone please point me to more resource?

Thanks in advance!

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Now you can refer trailhead to get started with analytics wave.
Get a Wave analytic enabled dev org from here
and Link to wave analytics pdf from here.


Unfortunately Analytics Cloud is so new that it is near impossible to get a free "developer" version to play with. I work for a Salesforce Partner and we couldn't even get a demo or trial.

Give the hype some time to die down and maybe you'll see some of the features become more accessible.

This is happening with Pardot too.


Go to Setup>> Wave Analytics >>Getting Started >> Enable Wave Analytics


You will be able to sign-up for a developer org once Salesforce Wave is GA(Generally Available). The current path for access is to be employed by a partner and to attend training sessions to gain access.

It is very limited on the license count so even with a partner the access is not guaranteed.

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