Using a Corporate Enterprise Licence, I don't have access to BULK or SOAP API but only to REST.

It seems that the best way to do cost effective interfaces to external tables / files would be to use INFORMATICA free version of data loader.

But : - does it support bi-directional sync ? - does a bi-directional flow count for one end point or two end points (the free version is limited to two end points).

Thanks for you help.

  • I believe it would count as TWO endpoints
    – Eric
    Commented Jan 14, 2015 at 22:03

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I believe the free version allows for one cloud endpoint and one database/flat file. I agree with Eric's comment above. I think it would count as two endpoints.


Create two different data synch tasks Task1 - endpoint 1 as source and endpoint 2 as target Task2 - endpoint 2 as source and endpoint 1 as target

add both of them to a task flow(not sure if task flow available in free version) run/schedule the task flow so that both task runs in sequential order. You can also trigger the task flow using REST.

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