I am trying to create a new home page component that will display a scrolling message on the home page. The use case is to provide end users with tips and hints around general usage. This used to be possible by creating a html component but now that salesforce has changed the editor for this component and added a new Visualforce component type, I guess it will need to be done in Visualforce.

Can anyone provide a sample of what the VF page would need to look like?

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Here are steps for you:

1) Create new VF page with following code

    <apex:page >
  <!-- Begin Default Content REMOVE THIS -->

  <marquee bgcolor="orange" width="100%" height="200" direction="UP"> 
    1) THis is item 1111  <br/>
    2) THis is item 2222  <br/>
    3) THis is item 3333  <br/>
    4) THis is item 4444  <br/>
    5) THis is item 5555  <br/>
    6) THis is item 6666  <br/>
    7) THis is item 7777  <br/>    


  <!-- End Default Content REMOVE THIS -->

2) Then Go to setup -> home page components -> new create a component with VF page and on narrow (left) section

3) Then update your home page layout and enable this component.


Take a look at jQuery webticker. You can then add plain HTML to your VF page:

<ul id="webticker">
        Some text one
        Some text two
        Some text three

Then you can activate the webticker with this jQuery code:


Do not forget to add the required resources (you will find all needed info in the link provided)

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