I have an assignment rule on case object in sandbox as well as in production.Now we have added two rule entries to the same rule based on the profile user in sandbox .Now can i move this rule into production Using change sets.At the page layout we have made the assignment rule as Default tick for few profiles.Now when i use changeset i need to select all the profiles in the outbound changeset or not.

Assignment Rule : while creating a case - 1)profiles having as application users - can have their name as -Default in assigned agent . 2)Profiles having - other than application users - name should be moved from assigned agent to unassigned queue.

  • @Sravan Alaparthi:At the time of Validation in change set i got an Error on the page layout as ,i had 3 page layout as Caselayout, Caselayout-Salesuser, Caselayout-Admin .Error message In field: QuickAction - no QuickAction named SendEmail found for the page layout Caselayout Caselayout-Admin. – nikkey Jan 7 '15 at 11:57

Assignment rules can be deployed using Change sets. Profiles or Page-layouts on what ever component you made changes they have to be deployed...

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