I'm trying to write a trigger that will update specific fields on child records if certain criteria are met on the parent object. I have two custom objects Sesaco_Contract__c (Master) and Receiving__c (Child). I have the following fields


Receiving__r.Include_in_Settlement__c (checkbox)

Receiving__r.Paid__c (checkbox)

On the Parent object (Sesaco_Contract__c) I want to check to see if "Amount_Paid__c" is changed and if it is, change "Paid__c" to True for any Receiving (child) record where "Include_in_Settlement__c" is True. I would also like to be able to set "Include_in_Settlement__c" to False as well. So, if a payment is made on the master record, any child records that have been set to include in a settlement have the "paid" cb ticked and the include in settlement cb unticked.

I think I have something that is close to what is needed but the console isn't letting me save due to the Receiving__r in the FROM part of my query.

Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

    trigger markRecRptPaid on Sesaco_Contract__c (after update) {
 Set<ID> maids = new Set<ID>();
    Sesaco_Contract__c ma = [Select Id, Amount_Paid__c From Sesaco_Contract__c Where Crop_Year__c = 'system.Date.year.today()'];
    for(Sesaco_Contract__c sc : Trigger.new){
        // Access old record
        Sesaco_Contract__c oldMA = Trigger.oldMap.get(SC.Id);

        if(oldMA.Amount_Paid__c != sc.Amount_Paid__c){
    List<Sesaco_Contract__c> updatedMA = [SELECT Id, Amount_Paid__c, (Select Id, Include_in_Settlement__c, Paid__c from Receiving__r)  FROM Sesaco_Contract__c WHERE Id in :maids];

    List<Receiving__c> recrptUpdate = new List<Receiving__c>();

    for (Sesaco_Contract__c sc : updatedMA){
        // Loop through each Related Receiving record
        for(Receiving__c rec : sc.Receiving__c){
            if(rec.Include_in_Settlement__c = True){
            rec.Include_in_Settlement__c = false;
            rec.Paid__c = True;
    update recrptUpdate;

below is my trim down approach -

trigger markRecRptPaid on Sesaco_contract__C (after update) {

Set<Id> maids = new Set<Id>();

 for(sesaco_Contract__c sc : Trigger.new){
if((Trigger.newmap.get(sc.id).Amount_Paid__c) != (Trigger.oldmap.get(Sc.id).amount_paid__c)

List<Receiving__C> recrptUpdate = [select id,Include_in_Settlement__c,Paid__c from Receiving__c   where Sesaco_Contract__c in :maids];

 for (receiving__C rec : recrptUpdate) {

        rec.Include_in_Settlement__c = false;
        rec.Paid__c = True;
update recrptUpdate;

I don't think if(rec.Include_in_Settlement__c = True) is necessary. Please test this solution in your environment.


You'll need to look at the Child Relationship Name for that child object which is on the lookup field to the Master object

child relationship name

E.g. In the example above, Project Member looks up to Project - the child relationship name is what you need to append the __r to so that the final SOQL for me looks like this:

Select Id, (Select Name from Project_Members__r) from Project__c


I have tried to explain the mystery of __r and __c, and how to spot the upward (child to parent) and downward (parent to child) relationships in here with examples. Hope this helps in getting a little more clarity on the topic.

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