Trying to untangle a legacy app, and I see this code:

url = '/_ui/common/data/LookupPage'
                + '?lkfm=Conf_Search'
                + '&lknm=Conf_LineSearch'
                + '&lktp=005'
                + '&lksrch=*';

pd.openLookup(url, 670, 1, '');

Found out the parameters passed to open a LookupPage are internal to SF and not addressed in the docs.

I found this SE question that asks about range of values for one parameter, but I can't find info about any of the parameters.

Is there a good explanation of what the parameters do and how to use them?

Edit: Got a response from the Salesforce Docs twitter account that those are internal Salesforce parameters and are not addressed in the docs. So makes sense why I can't find them.

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Check out Ron Hess's reply here.

  • lknm -- looks like a custom field id ( input element in the
    document.element... )
  • lkfm=editPage name of the form (
  • lktp == type of the object to view in the lookup list ( three char prefix)

  • lksrch == search string to put into the
    lookup input box

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    Just to add that lktp can take some additional values like lead_queue (show only Queues that can be used as owners for Leads), lead_case (ditto for Case) and StandardUserLookup (lookup a user). Also, it would appear that not all 3 character prefixes are supported (for instance it doesn't work with 00G for Groups) Commented Jan 5, 2015 at 23:51

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