I have already released my package. However, I need to update this package with some fixes. I also have trialforce enabled, and I have created the trial templates.

I would now like to update this package. What are the best practices for me to update the package?

I have the following questions:

1.Do I have to deprecate the old version of the package? 2.Do I have to create a new trial template every time I upgrade the package? I would rather avoid doing this since we plan to update the package every two weeks. This will increase the work drastically for us. 3.How can I ensure the customers will always get the new version of the package? I have seen that some customers get the old version of the package and other customers get the new version of the package. This happens when I have two packages (two versions) in the packaging organization, that is, I'm have not deprecated the older version.

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The most important step is to Log a Case in the Partner Portal and request both Push Major and Push Patch upgrades.

  • Go back to Setup | Create | Packages and select your package
  • Go to the Versions tab and press the Push Upgrades button
  • On the next page, press the Schedule Push Upgrade Select the version you want to upgrade to and the Date/Time you want to do it
  • Selecting the target version will bring up a list of the Orgs you can upgrade - select the ones you want and then press the Schedule button.

Now, I have not tried this personally so I assume that any New Customer trying to install this app will be taken over to latest version after this. You can get more information here : https://na14.salesforce.com/help/pdfs/en/salesforce_packaging_guide.pdf

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