Basically after sending to a list of mobile contacts, I wish to retrieve tracking events via API calls, currently I am unable to access delivery status for outbound mobile events. When I manually extract a report via the Web UI I can see each message as 'delivered' or 'undelivered'.

The REST API call used to SEND to the mobile list is this one:

POST https://www.exacttargetapis.com/sms/v1/messageList/{ID}/send

That call returns a token, that can later be used to query the results of the send, according to ET Support and the description on the page, the follow-up call should include details about the overall blast status and also an array of individual status messages, for each contact. The follow up call is this:

GET https://www.exacttargetapis.com/sms/v1/messageList/{MESSAGE_ID}/deliveries/{RETURN_ROKEN}

So the first parameter is the same ID used in the original POST call and the token parameter is the return value of the original call.

Now, I should be clear - this second call DOES work - I get a valid return payload:

Response: "{\"message\":\"%%SmsFullContents%%\",\"count\":4,\"createDate\":\"2014-12-15T23:30:47.917\",\"completeDate\":\"2014-12-15T23:35:16.56\",\"status\":\"Finished\"}"

However, according to support and to the API support page, there should be a final part of the response payload that looks like this:

"tracking": [ { "mobileNumber": "15555555510", "statusCode": "20", "message": "NA" }

I cannot find any way to retrieve this and this is the only bit I am interested in!

Hopefully someone else has had experience with this and can point me in the right direction!

Thank you!


Some ET APIs are very flaky, I've seen similar inconsistencies with some other APIs as well. I would recommend raising a case with your ET support contact.

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