I am trying to develop a opportunity view page on salesforce 1. This is my custom page. Is there any css library which provide look and feel for that.

trying to achieve following:- screen

screen shot

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Look at the post salesforce1 look & feel in Visualforce.

This should help

All CSS applied in Salesforce1 is under the parent selector .oneStyle. So wrap your html code in a container div and apply .oneStyle class to it. This will make sure that all Salesforce1 css effects will we mobile compatible. And copy CSS style for each element from SFOne and copy it to you visualforce page. Thats not the best way but little understanding of css may not require best method (if exists).

For more information here basic details has been provided to give Salesforce1 look and feel to pages: http://intmist.wordpress.com/2014/02/16/salesforce1-look-and-feel-customise-visualforce-pages-for-salesforce1/


There is cool plugin developed by Josh for Salesforce1 style in VF at - https://github.com/joshbirk/onestarter and working demo is available at - http://sfdc-styleguide.herokuapp.com/

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