I am using SalesForce SOAP Enterprise WSDL API in my C# application. What I came across is the need to use the SELECT query which includes REPLACE function. I tried Developer Console>>Query Editor by executing the following query, but it's giving me

Unknown error parsing query

Following is my query that I want to execute :

`SELECT Id, Name, HomePhone, MobilePhone, OtherPhone, office_phone__c.replace("-",""), phone_fax__c FROM Contact`

I also tried in the following way, but that's also giving me the same error.

`SELECT Id, Name, HomePhone, MobilePhone, OtherPhone, REPLACE(office_phone__c,'-',''), phone_fax__c FROM Contact `

As the query implies, I want to replace "-" in my office_phone__c field with "".

Has anyone used such type of query before. I would be very grateful if anybody can lead me in the right direction.


You cannot query like that.

Query with the normal office_phone__c field. Then when using the field value in your code replace the - with '' at that time.

  • You meant to say that SalesForce doesn't support replace function at all in the query? But what if I have to select many fields of these types. This is just a single example that I gave for ease of understanding. Actually my query contains around 5 to 6 such fields and I want to replace characters like (, ), - and ` `
    – YuDroid
    Dec 29 '14 at 6:37
  • There is no replace function that you can use directly in a SOQL query. You have first query the data and then manipulate it.
    – Sam
    Dec 29 '14 at 6:45

The SOQL language does not support any function like a "REPLACE" function. You best bet is to query for the data, and then later in your code, you can replace the values. An alternative is to use a forumula fields which replaces the value and you query the formula fields instead of the actual fields.

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