Not sure if this is the right place but thought I'd ask the question. I have no coding experience whatsoever and looking to get involved in this as this is something that interests me greatly. Can anyone recommend a good website/book to learn the basics firstly?

  • Trailhead Administrator and CRM basics paths should get u more familiar. Welcome and good luck. – sfdx bomb Mar 29 '18 at 8:41

Your site-number-one is:


Over there take a look at the LIBRARY:

  • The official SFDC Documentation helps you to lear all about Force.com programming language APEX and Visualforce, Database query languages (SOQL and SOSL) and lots of API
  • Developer Resources will give you an overview in code snippets and tutorials
  • If you wish to dive deeper in that topics just go to the Force.com Books and learn more about Force.com platform

On the Tools page you will find an overview of the Force.com programming tool and helpful topics.

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