We implemented a 3rd party solution in April that uses contact role on opportunities; however, we moved 1000's of records into opportunity that we did not add contact roles to (not realizing it would be necessary in the long run for reporting). Now I have to somehow locate all the opportunities that don't have contact roles and add contact roles to them.

Is there a way to export this data, fix it in a CSV, and use dataloader to update/upsert the records?


Yes, it is possible.

The object to import into is Opportunity Contact Role. You will need to mark the "Show all objects in Salesforce" checkbox to be able to select Opportunity Contact Role.

The .CSV file will need the following columns;

  1. ContactID - ID of the Contact you are adding to the Opportunity Contact Roles related list
  2. OpportunityID - ID of the Opportunity you are adding the Contact to
  3. Role - Name of the role you are assigning to the Contact. This needs to be a value from the Role picklist
  4. IsPrimary - This will mark the Primary checkbox on the Contact role.

It will be an insert to OpportunityContactRole.

  • Oh man, so getting them in will be easy once I identify what opportunities need them - but how do I identify the opportunities that don't have contact roles yet? Dec 23 '14 at 21:14
  • You could export all existing contact roles, build a pivot table on opportunity ID, and then export all opportunities to create a VLOOKUP in excel to get the count. Make sense? Dec 23 '14 at 21:24
  • Yes, Brian, I was just heading down that path in conversation with my developer. Thank you so much for your prompt response. You have been most helpful! Happy Holidays! Dec 23 '14 at 21:30
  • No worries, happy to help. Dec 23 '14 at 21:44

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