I am having a Standard object Contact which has a relationship with an Custom Object Demo__c.

So, in Contact Page Layout, we can create a new Demo__c record by clicking the New button.

I am overriding the New button of Demo__c object.

So, I am wondering how to get Contact ID from URl, when I will click the New Button from the Contact Page layout.

I can see the URL coming ?CF00Nj0000003ZA8g=Mr.+Sanket+Biswal&CF00Nj0000003ZA8g_lkid=003g000000KM0e1&scontrolCaching=1&retURL=%2F003g000000KM0e1&sfdc.override=1

and retURL contains the Contact ID, but how to fetch it in the class?

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string conID = apexpages.currentPage().getParameters().get('retURL');
conID = conID.replace('%2F,'');

Will get you the value of the return URL and replace the %2F

It would be cleaner if you just update the custom button to pass the conID in the URL parameters and then you can just get that parameter.

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