I have created an email template using {!Contact.Name} merge field to display conatct name. Object XYZ__c has a lookup field MyContactLookup__c. I have created workflow on object XYZ__c on record creation to send email. I have selected Related Contact - MyContactLookup__c as recipient. But when i create a record of that object with some selected contact, the email is sent to the same contact but does not display CONTACT NAME.

Please Help! I have tried it many times but it appears the same.


You need to update your email template and update the merge field to use {!XYZ__c.MyContactLookup__c} instead of {!Contact.Name}. I have just tested it and the email has Contact name, the lookup you would use on the XYZ__c object, properly filled.

  • What if i want to use Contact.FirstName? – snehakem Dec 22 '14 at 13:07
  • Yeah, you can do that. 1. Create a formula field on xyx__c object with MyContactLookup__r.FirstName. 2. and then edit your email template. This merge field should now be appearing against xyz__c object. 3. Insert this field and it will display only the firstname. – Mahmood Dec 22 '14 at 14:11

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