I need to notify people at a set of accounts that a product they've purchased has been updated.

This is not the long term solution that I want, but what I did for the time being was put global tags on each account representing ownership of the product license.

My question is, can a view of contacts be set up that allows me to create a mass email to all of the contacts at accounts tagged with a certain global tag?

  • It looks like, in addition to other obstacles, you can't refer to a tag in a formula custom field either. Am I right about this? – Dave Aiello Jan 8 '13 at 17:17

One custom solution i can think is have a custom field on account and populate with specific code related to all products and then you can trigger emails through trigger to those contacts .

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  • This is more or less the easiest way to do it. What I did was to create a custom field on the account that is a pick list. Then I defined all of the possible values and populated each account according to what they purchased. When I created a mass mailing, I was allowed to choose this account field as a filter for the view that selected the contacts to which the email was sent. – Dave Aiello Jan 15 '13 at 19:05

Not sure if you are looking at coding effort given that this is not a long term solution. But if you are then an Apex job may help. Use "accounttag" table to get a list of all accounts with given tag using which you can get all contacts associated to those accounts and send emails. Finally, you can run the job with a combination of "on update workflow" on Product object and email services.

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  • Thanks for the idea, but we don't want to go in that direction because of the effort involved. – Dave Aiello Jan 15 '13 at 19:02

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