I have two custom objects:

Risk__c: Picklist (Terr, Prop)

Cov__c (Master Detail Lookup)

I have created a detail button for Add__c, which I want to make visible on the related list on the Cov__c detail page.

When the picklistfield Risk__c is set to Terr, I want to open a specific page layout/record type called Terr_RT.

This is what I have written on the detail button:

{!IF( ISPICKVAL(Cov__c.Risk__c,'Terr'), '/a0Z/e?ent=01I180000004KaV&RecordType=012180000008Tw5, '/a0Z/e?ent=01I180000004KaV&RecordType=012180000008Tw0')}

How can I avoid hardcoding the record type? ...and is there a better way of doing this?


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An alternate option would be to create a Publisher Action for that Record Type to be displayed on Cov__c's detail page. I'm assuming the button displays all the time just like a Publisher Action button does unless you have custom code to only show it under certain circumstances.

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