I have this code:

<link rel="canonical" href="{!$Setup.websiteSystemVariables__c.Main_URL__c+$CurrentPage.Name}"/>

I want to check where the $Setup.websiteSystemVariables__c and $CurrentPage.Name values are coming from.

When I view the page source, they are evaluated as:

<link href="xyz.comhomepageAB" rel="canonical" />

But I want to add a backslash between URL and page name like this URL:

 <link href="xyz.com/homepageAB" rel="canonical" />

I researched classes, components but I m not able to solve this... Thanks !!

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You can just concatenate the slash character in the merge syntax:

<link rel="canonical" href="{!$Setup.websiteSystemVariables__c.Main_URL__c + '/' + $CurrentPage.Name}"/>

A few years late, but you can find the value of $Setup.websiteSystemVariables__c by going to Quick Find and searching for 'Custom Settings'.

You will find one called 'websiteSystemVariables' (or something similar) which contains all the custom settings.

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