I'm creating a VisualForce page that is going to load records from a web service using JSON.

I have a requirement to add a button next to each record I pull. I don't see a direct way to do this with Dynamic Visualforce Components (unless I missed something). Can you bind and display a button for each record dynamically?

The button is going to load an object new record page using the values corresponding to the button bindings.

Thanks in advance.

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You can define an ApexPages.Action on your parent controller/page to pass to your components.


I am not entirely clear on your data structure, if you insert the data before, or what but you can use the following to get you close

I find it simpler in these case to just use html / javascript

Using a repeat to display the records:

<apex:repeat value="{!yourrecords}" var="r">

 ..row of data ...<button onclick="window.open('/{!r.id}')">Button Text</button>


Of course this is not the be all end all solution but it is one way to do it

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