I have use case where I need to move data across SF1 table to SF2 table. I want this data movement in a real time. Is there a way I can use any messaging queues. Right now we are using informatica to move the data across but this is not a real time solution. I am running this as a batch process with an interval of 10 mins.

  • Are talking about two separate Salesforce objects or two separate databases? If you mean objects, why not use a formula? How much data (how many fields) do you need to move?
    – Jagular
    Dec 12, 2014 at 17:05

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A couple of options:

  • Salesforce to Salesforce functionality; this allows you to push data between Salesforce orgs
  • Create an Apex trigger code to push the data over to the second org using a callout; This you may come a cropper with API limits etc but depends on what org you have.
  • Use Salesforce Outbound Workflow Messages; Fire the workflow on the object that includes all the fields from the object, create a page on the destination org to receive the message and store/update the record.
  • Continue using informatica but fire a Salesforce workflow/message directly to informatica to fire the record into the destination org (bit pointless in my opinion).

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