Kindly suggest where the above said error is ( I am attempting to do it in Developer console) and its resolution. Here I am modifying a field FirstInstallmentAmt__c which is in Operation__c by a field in Payment_Details__r (Fees_Received__c) on a condition. Payment_Detail__c (Operation_Number__c is a look-Up field) is a child object of Operation__c.

 list<Operation__c> tempOp2 = new list<Operation__c>();
 list<Operation__c> tempOp3 = [Select id, name,FirstInstallmentAmt__c, 
                                (Select id, Operation_Number__c,Fees_Received__c
                                       from Payment_Details__r)
                                from Operation__c];
system.debug('=tempOp3--' + tempOp3);
for(Operation__c temp1 : tempOp3){
     for(Payment_Detail__c pd : temp1.Payment_Details__r){
         if(temp1.FirstInstallmentAmt__c == null &&
             pd.Fees_Received__c != null){
             temp1.FirstInstallmentAmt__c = pd.Fees_Received__c;
update tempOp2;

tempOp2 is a List of Operation__c objects. You are trying to add a Decimal value into it:

 list<Operation__c> tempOp2 = new list<Operation__c>();
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    Thanks a lot BarCotter. It was a silly mistake from my side. – Rohit Dec 11 '14 at 10:07

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