I'm using an apex:enhancedlist to display a predefined list view. I'm trying to limit the width of the by using the width parameter but it doesn't change the view. Any ideas what I'm missing? Code is:

<apex:page standardController="Case" >
   <apex:enhancedList type="Case" customizable="false" height="235" width="50" listid="00B600000074y38" />

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Wrap your apex:enhancedlist inside of a div tag and set its width with the help of CSS.

<apex:page standardController="Case" >
   <div style="width:300px;" >
      <apex:enhancedList type="Case" customizable="false" height="235" listid="00B600000074y38" />

P.S. Adjust the width as per your need.

  • Thanks! I started thinking along those lines but was uncertain of the exact syntax.
    – Scott
    Dec 10, 2014 at 18:37

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