I'm in need of some help regarding the writing of test script that covers enough of the below trigger that I have managed to get working on my Sandbox account. The trigger is to automatically fill Month field in Timecard (ex: 2014/009) whenever a new Timecard is created. The trigger is running fine but I need to write a test case which passes this trigger.


trigger Timecard on pse__Timecard_Header__c (after insert) {

 List<pse__Timecard_Header__c> tc_list = [select Id, pse__End_Date__c, pse__Project__r.pse__Region__r.ffpsai__OwnerCompany__r.Id 
                                             from pse__Timecard_Header__c
                                             where Id IN :Trigger.newMap.KeySet()];

system.debug('TC_LIST: ' + tc_list);

Set<Date> tc_setofDate = new Set<Date>();
Set<Id> tc_setofId = new Set<Id>();

for (pse__Timecard_Header__c tcdate: tc_list)
        Date aDate = tcdate.pse__End_Date__c.toStartOfMonth();
        system.debug('SET DATE ' + tc_setofDate);


for (pse__Timecard_Header__c tcId: tc_list)
        Id ids = tcId.pse__Project__r.pse__Region__r.ffpsai__OwnerCompany__c;
        system.debug('SET ID ' + tc_setofId);


List <c2g__codaPeriod__c> periodDetails = [Select Id, c2g__StartDate__c,c2g__EndDate__c, c2g__OwnerCompany__c
                                            from c2g__codaPeriod__c
                                            where c2g__StartDate__c IN: tc_setofDate
                                            and c2g__OwnerCompany__c IN: tc_setofId];

system.debug('PERIOD_DETAILS: ' + periodDetails);

List<pse__Timecard_Header__c> tcUpdate = new List<pse__Timecard_Header__c>();

    for (pse__Timecard_Header__c timecardCompare: tc_list){

    for (c2g__codaPeriod__c periodCompare: periodDetails){

        if ((timecardCompare.pse__End_Date__c.toStartOfMonth() == periodCompare.c2g__StartDate__c) && 
              (timecardCompare.pse__Project__r.pse__Region__r.ffpsai__OwnerCompany__c == periodCompare.c2g__OwnerCompany__c))

                timecardCompare.Period__c = periodCompare.Id;


    update tcUpdate;


If anyone could help me on this, it would be grateful.

Test Case for this trigger so far

public class TimecardTest {

static testmethod void insertTimecard(){

    pse__Proj__c testProject = new pse__Proj__c();
    testProject.pse__Region__c = 'Nexius Fusion';

    pse__Timecard_Header__c testTimecard = new pse__Timecard_Header__c();

    testTimecard.pse__End_Date__c = system.today().toStartOfMonth();
    testTimecard.pse__Start_Date__c = system.today().toStartOfMonth();
    testTimecard.pse__Resource__c= 'Brandon Catchpole';
    testTimecard.pse__Project__c = testProject.Id;
    insert testTimecard;

   c2g__codaPeriod__c testPeriod = new c2g__codaPeriod__c();
    testPeriod.c2g__StartDate__c = system.today().toStartOfMonth();
    testPeriod.c2g__OwnerCompany__c = 'compare with timecard company id';


If anyone could say if I am going in the right direction with this I would be grateful. Attempting to iron out the errors but there is obviously no point if this is not going to work anyway.



Your trigger will fire as soon as you insert any new pse__Timecard_Header__c records. That's also when your test starts. So, you'll want to do something more like the following:

// prepare all your test data as you currently have, (and more if necessary) 
// wait to actually do the insert that fires the trigger until after preparing all test data.

// From what I can tell, below is when your test should begin, 
// Finish preparing the other test data before executing this insert command 

insert testTimecard;


// make assertions of what you expect to happen after your trigger has run to prove it works as expected
// you can query for results as needed in order to do your assertions

system.assert(expected values as updated by trigger); 
  • thank you your answer. I understand the steps but I am stuck at a point where I don't know how to proceed. If you can help with few lines of code I would really appreciate.
    – LazyBones
    Dec 8 '14 at 12:31

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