I've developed a formula that defines the quality of the leads for my company. You can find more in the following article: Case number range formula

Now that I know who are my hot leads i want to make a report that will give only the hot leads of the day. So for example today i have 14 hot leads, tomorrow I might have 22. Some of the leads from the previous day might stay in the next day. I want this dashboard to shown graph explained below.

X-axis to show days.

Y-axis to show Hot leads.

Please advise,


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Solution: Make report that get information for the following.


  1. Summarize information by: Lead Status
  2. Show: All Leads
  3. Followed by the Time frame below
  4. Range should be custom.
  5. From and to you can select any value that you want.
  6. Group the report by Last Modified or by Date Created (which suits you better)
  7. Save the report.


  1. Go to Dashboards.
  2. Select Components
  3. Select Line Chart
  4. Insert the report that you saved previously into the line chart.
  5. Go to Settings inside the line chart.
  6. Select Component Data

    • X-axis to show Date Modified or Date Created
    • Y-axis to show Lead
    • Group by Lead Status
    • Status Display units to show Whole Units .


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