I am not sure if I am missing something but I am doing the query below and for some reason it is not displaying in the result the relationship fields requested, while when I do it from the developer console it works fine.

My query looks like this:

registrations = [Select Id, Name, miiEventV1__Status__c, miiEventV1__Client__r.Name, miiEventV1__Client__r.PersonMobilePhone, miiEventV1__Client__r.PersonEmail, miiEventV1__Client__r.PersonHomePhone,miiEventV1__Client__r.Email_Subscriptions__c ,miiEventV1__Client__r.Client_Manager__c From miiEventV1__Registration__c LIMIT 1];

My debug log looks like this:

system.debug('@@@@'+registrations); displays: DEBUG|manza(miiEventV1__Registration__c:{Name=REG0016109, RecordTypeId=01290000000G2OOAA0, miiEventV1__Client__c=001N000000LnHirIAF, Id=a0AN0000002s1SDMAY, miiEventV1__Status__c=Registered})

In the developer console: enter image description here

I dont understand what is happening, why the debug log is not getting the fields miiEventV1__Client__r...?

  • Are you looking at the line USER_DEBUG ? because in the log there are so many similar lines. – highfive Dec 1 '14 at 5:33
  • yes I am, i add the text manza just before displaying the result – manza Dec 1 '14 at 5:56
  • Have you found any solution? I'm going throw the same problem. Thanks! – Airton Gessner Oct 26 '15 at 18:53
  • Hi Airton, it was pretty weird the next day worked fine. I don't recall changing any of the field level security for the profile, but maybe if I where you I would start looking if the fields in the query are allow in your profile (I meant if the user has access to that field). I hope this helps! – manza Oct 27 '15 at 0:07

The debug logs will only show the Foreign Key when you debug the sObject like you have.

If you

system.debug(registrations. miiEventV1__Client__r.Name);

You Should See the name being output.

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