Im trying to patch ToolingAPI.cls in order to use it with API v32. I run it successfully for a couple of month now with v29/30, but due to changes to the API, I need to adapt some parts. Unfortunately the latest version available on github is for v30.

So far I got somthing which works partly, but:

looking at the tooling.wsdl for v32 at <xsd:complexType name="ContainerAsyncRequest"> it has lost the element <xsd:element name="CompilerErrors" minOccurs="0" type="xsd:string" nillable="true"/> which I've used to obtain the error details, e. g. when I save an ApexClass containing syntax error, this was the element I used to get the error.

Now, since it's gone, how an where can I get the compiler error message? It's not in <xsd:element name="ErrorMsg" minOccurs="0" type="xsd:string" nillable="true"/> - this one stays empty on syntax errors.


It has been replaced by DeployDetails

<xsd:element name="DeployDetails" minOccurs="0" type="tns:DeployDetails" nillable="true"/>


A complex type that contains detailed XML for any compile errors reported in the asynchronous request defined by a ContainerAsyncRequest object. Replaces the JSON field CompilerErrors in Tooling API version 31.0 and later.


First I still wasn't able to retrieve this information, because I got an Illegal value for primitive error. I've asked another question in order to show my problem and finally is solved thanks to the help of @DanielBallinger here:

Patching ToolingAPI.cls for v31+: How to query for DeployDetails at ContainerAsyncRequest?

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